Our Practice

Casipit Lasam Bendijo Lopez Ontog & Associates (CLLBLAW) is a firm engaged in the general practice of law with its principal office located in Parañaque City, Philippines. From its establishment, CLLBLAW has molded itself into one of the best and highly chosen law firms in the country, catering to a wide range of clientele and handling issues encompassing various fields of law.

As a full-service law firm, in addition to providing legal expertise, we likewise provide comprehensive business services including, but not limited to, corporate and organizational development, research, consultation, and litigation.

Our Fundamental Policy

At our Firm, the fundamental priority is to protect the interest of the client, both legally and practically. In this regard, the synergy provided by the lawyers and the associates in addition to the cost-effectiveness brought about by the size of the Firm, ensure a more personalized and hands-on legal service to the client at competitive and more reasonable rates.