Litigation and Dispute Resolution

CLLBLAW not only helps and assists its clients through the rigors and costs of going into trials but also commits to help avoid trial through every legal and cost-efficient way possible.

The firm’s lawyers are professionals in handling cases whether in judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings, mediation or arbitration. The firm has various experience in handling civil, criminal and administrative cases in different courts and tribunals up to the Supreme Court.

To name a few, the issues handled by the lawyers of CLLBLAW varies from criminal actions based on the Revised Penal Code and Special Penal laws, commercial litigation actions involving intra and inter corporate disputes, insolvency and rehabilitation proceedings, civil actions based on breach of contracts, sum of money, forclosure of mortgages, conveyance of properties, ejectment cases, among others. The firm also handles estate, probate and adoption proceedings, claims for torts and damages and actions for annulment of marriage.

Beyond the issues listed above, the firm’s lawyers are also experts in navigating through the most complex cases and the laws applicable to such. CLLBLAW’s end goal is to provide the best and most proficient solutions to each of its clients problems.